How we Collect and Process Fruits

Kandy Fresh Fruit is a company which does Fruits ripening process in 100% natural way. As the first step, we collect the fruits from local growers, who produce the best fruits possible. Then the ripening process starts in different chambers. Ripening gas consisting of precise amounts of nitrogen, ethylene gas and oxygen mixing all at the right temperature helps keep products longer without any loss of freshness and quality. Accuracy in using correct temperature is a very important factor which helps in ripening process. Finally our fruits are then packaged for distribution.

Our fruits are shipped locally, nationally and internationally year around by winning a reputed name among the leading fruit suppliers

Our Achievements
The performance, improvement, increased productivity and employee retention was appreciated by awarding K.F.F Group of companies with “Golden Lions Entrepreneur Award 2019”
Safety and Hygiene
Food safety is an integral part for a process and it stars in the farms. We follow good Agricultural Practices which refer to a collection of Stringent guidelines, safety regulations and precautions to produce safe and healthy fruits while maintaining economical, social and environmental sustainability